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The 5 P's of Purchasing


Preparation is the key to success.  We'll help you:

  • Understand the home-buying process

  • Line up your finances

  • Define your must-haves and dealbreakers

  • Plan your initial search


Congrats!  Your offer has been accepted.  The Escrow period begins, where all the paperwork to purchase the house gets done.  We'll coordinate between your lenders, sellers, title company, and more to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Let's roll! In this step, we look at properties together.  We'll show you tips for assessing a property, both on paper and in person.


We usually arrange private showings, so you can experience the home like you live there.


Once escrow closes, you're officially the new owner!  It's time to celebrate your new house, and invite friends and family over to make it a home.

p.s. We may have a small gift to help you warm up the place 😄


Once you've found the right home, we make an offer on it.  We help you write a competitive bid, and negotiate with the sellers to put you on the top of the pile.

Let's talk.

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